Welcome to my web pages.

Here you will some stuff about me.

I have had a bit of a break recently. I moved and have had to spend some time getting settled in. For those of you who know me I have lost my old email address, any one who wants to contact me simply click the contact button above. I have only got back to GPL in the last week, and have returned ot an old hobby - Ballroom and latin dancing.

Mainly you will find pictures and videos of my family. You will also find some motor racing pictures and videos.

There is a section providing a portfolio for my eldest son who is currently studying ICT, Photography, and Graphic Products amongst other subjects at GCSE level. For these subjects my aim is to provide a portfolio that he can use to illustrate what he has done, and how his skills have developed.

Finally you will find stuff about my obsession, Sim Racing. and in particular Grand Prix Legends (GPL). There is a general page of basic stuff and 2 sections dedicated to setups and how to setup the cars.

I have been racing in the TLeague who are currently running a season with the 1969 mod. New drivers are always welcome. You will find them here tleague.clockey.co.uk

These screeen shots are from my racing. Top left and Bottom right my first league win at Sandown. Bottom left a fantastic piece of parking during practice for a league race at Goodwood. Top left Cadwell park and me mid roll. I hit the bank and managed to land on all 4 wheels and drive off!