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Welcome to my GPL pages.

Grand Prix Legends (GPL) is a motor racing simulation based on the 1967 F1 season.

Over the seven years since it's release GPL has been developed by a dedicated team of enthusiasts.

This is a fantastic team of people who have created amazingly detailed updates for the orginal cars and tracks.

There is now a range of over 400 tracks to choose from, both real and fantasy of almost every type.

There are now new seasons modeled in the 1965 season and the forthcomming 1969 season, also a fantasy season called Thundercars.

I race in the Tleague which is a friendly GPL league. We race every Wednesday night and run 2 races, a short race and a long race at the intermediate level.

You will find pictures of the rig that I use. I use a Logitech Momo Racing wheel with an Act-Labs H-Shifter.

My PC is an Athalon 3200+ with 1Gb ram and a Radeon X800XL 256mb Graphics card.