GPL Setups



67 Nurburgring, Rouen new setups, Donnington full set added All setups for 67's updated.


69 setups page added, setups to follow shortly


65 Lotus for Donnington. 67 Mosport Lotus race set. Nuburgring all cars 02 version.


New 67 Mosport Honda Eagle Lotus Ferrari Brabham & Monza Lotus race set


Here are my GPL Setups.

I have been producing setups for the Tleague on a regular basis. During each season I add new setups to the individual setups available on the buttons above. At the end of the season I add all the new setups to the All setups packs on the right.

Check the updates list on the left for what I have added recently.

The track packs contain setups for all the cars that I have done for the tracks listed. Where possible I have tried to make a setup for each car but some are not complete.

I am neither an alien nor a hotlapper, my setups work for myself and for some members of the Tleague. All are race setups aimed at intermediate short and long races. You may have to check the fuel load though as I do not always setup for a full short race fuel load.

I have used several naming conventions over the years that I have be racing GPL and you will find my older setups as well as current ones.

The naming convention that I use is like this

My name - track name - car - serial no* - type**

chris sandown l49 01 s

* I sometimes make 2 setups for the league with different diff settings, I may also save one setup that I am happy so that I can develop it further without losing the original settings.

** l = long race s = short race q = qually